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How To Start An Online Business With Hardly Any Money

Salaam and hello everyone 🙂 In this article I am going to provide step-by-step information on how to start your own online business with hardly any money. I am currently the owner of Deen Inspired, an online store specialising in hijabs established in September 2014, and I am hoping to expand in future inshaAllah. Prior to launching […]

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Summer Sale on Hijabs Now On!

Salaam all 🙂 Huge Summer Sale on Hijabs at Deen Inspired. 20% Discount on all hijabs. Simply use code “summer2015” at Checkout. Some styles reduced to as little as 50p! Hurry before they’re gone…


Do You Believe in Horoscopes and Star Signs?

Sometimes when we read our star sign in the horoscopes, we can become paranoid and think that the world is about to end! However, what is written in the horoscopes is usually so vague as it has to relate to all people with a certain star sign. Many sisters are avid followers of the horoscopes […]

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In this video I show you a simple hijab style for the workplace, the office, college or university. It is a quick and easy hijab style and the only accessory you need is a fabric headband. The main thing you need to remember when wearing hijab for smart occasions is that your hijab needs to […]

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Why do Muslim girls REALLY wear hijab? 5 Reasons

Why do Muslim girls and women REALLY wear the hijab? I have compiled a list of 5 reasons why Muslim girls REALLY wear the hijab (or Muslim veil). Many people, especially non-Muslims, have misconceptions about the hijab. The actions of some females in hijab do not match the hijab itself. Not all Muslim women wear the […]

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The best day is Friday…

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “The best day on which the sun rises is Friday; on it Adam (AS) was created; and on it, he descended on earth; and on it, his repentance was accepted; and on it, he died; and on it, the Hour will be established…..” (Abu Dawud)